How to Make The Most Out of Deepavali 2018

( Jane Lee of Active 60) Diwali will fall on the 6th of November this year, which is a Tuesday. Most of us are extending our weekend holiday so we can get extra days off from work. But, wait a minute.  Aside from celebrating, what else can we do during this Diwali.  Spend time with … Continue reading How to Make The Most Out of Deepavali 2018


People Port and Joggo

(Michelle Lee) Today I see the people before me, people that have a heart filled with love for the community and the world as they shared about their "Whys" of the social businesses. The level of wanting to make a difference in the respective community that they choose to support are truly admirable. At People … Continue reading People Port and Joggo

Konichiwa from Japan!

{Michelle Lee} We were very excited to start our first day. We first met up with Nini, the CEO of myHarapan at the hotel lobby. She greeted us with open arms and we soon started chatting away as we made our way to our first destination. Navigating the train system in Japan is nothing less … Continue reading Konichiwa from Japan!

Reflections on ASEAN + 3 Youth Social Business Summit

Imagine a massive music festival. Now, swap the artists for speakers, the daytime entertainment for hustling social entrepreneurs. With close to 100 participants and speakers,  ASEAN + 3 Youth Social Business Summit (AYSBS) is a gathering of youth turning out in force to create social change, organised by myHarapan and the Ministry of Youth and … Continue reading Reflections on ASEAN + 3 Youth Social Business Summit

Everyone has something to teach you! :)

Amidst the general election frenzy, let's not forget to take a moment to appreciate all teachers around the world. We know we are late but we believe teachers should be appreciated every day not only on one special day. " The world is a university and everyone in it is a teacher. Make sure when … Continue reading Everyone has something to teach you! 🙂

We do it with joy! :)

It’s very unlikely that “fun” is considered an element in a business’ success. Being a businessperson is often associated with staring at the face of adversity that eventually leads to triumph through grit, determination, and perseverance. If business was a person, he’d be the quiet gentleman in the boardroom with pearls of wisdom to offer. … Continue reading We do it with joy! 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, well, well..... it is the 3rd day to the blank pages of a 365-page book and for many of you, it's probably now filled with resolutions, plans, goals, anniversary dates, wishes, to do lists and many more. I can't say we are not the same. Really, the dates ARE filling up pretty quickly. But … Continue reading Happy New Year to everyone!