Reflections on ASEAN + 3 Youth Social Business Summit

Imagine a massive music festival. Now, swap the artists for speakers, the daytime entertainment for hustling social entrepreneurs. With close to 100 participants and speakers,  ASEAN + 3 Youth Social Business Summit (AYSBS) is a gathering of youth turning out in force to create social change, organised by myHarapan and the Ministry of Youth and … Continue reading Reflections on ASEAN + 3 Youth Social Business Summit

Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, well, well..... it is the 3rd day to the blank pages of a 365-page book and for many of you, it's probably now filled with resolutions, plans, goals, anniversary dates, wishes, to do lists and many more. I can't say we are not the same. Really, the dates ARE filling up pretty quickly. But … Continue reading Happy New Year to everyone!

The “Friendship Game”

{Jane Lee} I was never a fan of sports growing up as a girl since I was young. Sports for me has always been an activity to promote health and fitness. But today, my understanding towards this term went beyond how I perceived it to be. We explore how sports can be a tool for … Continue reading The “Friendship Game”

Day 2 | Mae Kam Pong Village

Here our journey for the second-day continues. After breakfast, we went to one of the villager's house and participated in a handicraft workshop to make ‘Tea Leaf Pillow’ using ‘Meeang’ (fermented tea leaves) which also serves as a local snack of the northern Thais. We created our own memorable souvenir by stuffing dry tea leaves … Continue reading Day 2 | Mae Kam Pong Village

Welcome to Mae Kam Pong Village

  About 50KM at the northeast of Chiang Mai, quite hidden away in the emerald jungles above Rte 1317 from the sea level. Locally famous as a center of “meeang” (pickled tea leaves) production, it has also has become an offbeat retreat for the travelers to escape from the commercialization of Chiang Mai. Mae Kam … Continue reading Welcome to Mae Kam Pong Village