myHarapan’s Agent M 2019 – We are now open for registration!

High Schools can be difficult. For some or everyone whether you want to admit it or not. You are going through an awkward time and you may either fit in right away or feel like a complete outcast. Teachers and parents seem like they are constantly getting on your back about the smallest things, and you may feel like you have no one to go and talk to. But no matter how well you may fit in (or not), joining a club, sports, or any after-school extra-curricular activity could be beneficial to you short term and/or long term.

It will be great if you do something positive with your friends to develop social skills to fit in and do good together for your community and the environment.

Agent M is back for the year 2019!


If you are a secondary school student, you should probably join this year’s nationwide competition cycle.

myHarapan is looking for new agents who want to spread social & environmental awareness and advocate their peers through different projects in the areas of healthcare, environment, community development, science, technology, and education.

Here is why joining Agent M is beneficial.


1. Be the change Agent
Agent M is the Malaysian millennial secret agents of myHarapan Intelligence. The mission is to create a positive social movement through initiatives that benefit communities and become a source of inspiration to other youths. Agents will be assigned to complete several missions and challenges that would ignite their creative and critical thinking skills.

Mental illness, food wastage, lack of recycling awareness, poor command of the English language, high rates of dengue in your community- these are merely some of the issues you could be helping to alleviate by taking part in the Agent M 2019 competition, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

39296998_454849595035390_1390568092408479744_o (1)

2. Skills Development
Agent M will be a great platform to help develop your character and learn your strengths and knowing your passion. These skills are important to take you to the next level into university/college life and career.

Skills include (but are not limited to):

  • Goal setting
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Prioritization
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical thinking
  • Leadership
  • Public speaking

The more you push yourself, the more you’ll develop these skills. Each and every step will teach you a new skill that you can use for the rest of your life.


3. Higher Self-Esteem
The more you achieve success through activities you’re passionate about, your self-confidence will improve. As you complete each mission you or the Agent Ms will be rewarded, boosting your confidence and at the same time encouraging to do better in the next missions.

Working hard and mastering new skills in a fun, relaxed and sometimes competitive setting, is beneficial and allows you to be an all-rounder.

Plus, once your confidence improves, you’ll be more open to taking risks in all aspects of your life.


Sounds fun? There’s more, it doesn’t just end here. After completing 5 missions designed throughout the year, the winning team will stand to win an all-expense-paid-for social business study trip overseas! Last year the winning team went to Manila. (Check out the pics here)

So what are you waiting for? We are ready to recruit new agents for the year, are you? Interested, please email to Your go-to guy if you have questions.


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