Our meaningful 10 days of Internship @ myHarapan!

Three of us were assigned to myHarapan. Kevin and Mandy were in the IMC department. Our main goal is to promote the business, and our job is to write Facebook and Linkedin posts. Also one of our tasks is to help search for opportunities that myHarapan can be exposed.

Due to language and cultural barriers, we have been guessing what we have to do all the time. Because we were afraid to bother our colleagues, we were trying to grasp keywords. We used our knowledge to find topics we are interesting. However, we didn’t find out the pain points of society at one time and seldom double check. We had written many versions of posts in the process.


In the end, we asked colleagues for more information. They shared their thoughts on social issues and told us how these issues such as bully, depressed, and sexual harassment affecting young people in Malaysia. These are the things we couldn’t think of at computers for so many days. Because those social issues have been publicly discussed in Taiwan for a long time. Even if not, we still can find lots of information about them. They might be taboos in Malaysia. Ignoring the most real needs, our own cognition goes all the way above.

We are the young generation living behind the screen. Communication in person is what we lack. There is no need for us to worry about using texting and posting because we could have tones of time to make our wording perfect. We think that’s why myHarapan try to create an open concept office and make everyone feel easy to do anything including communication.


By sharing different ideas, first, we can reduce misunderstanding. Second, we could own the same goal to do things effectively. Third, ideas can create more ideas. Unfortunately, we knew this at the end of the journey. We have no more chance to make anything different in this internship. So we just can write this blog to share this story and try to record our progress. Hope everyone reading this article can keep this in mind and use it in the real world.

Peggy is attached to the funding department. Peggy’s job is to think out a plan to attract more sponsors. In the 2 weeks, she knows more about social business and thinks this kind of businesses model is very meaningful. After 2 week‘s experience, she thinks social business is needed to promote! Because this is a win-win way for all of society. We believe this model should be promoted forever.


And most important of all, all the people in myHarapan are so nice! It’s truly our great honor to work with them.


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