A Future We Want, Must Be Created By Us!

It’s almost a month since 9th Global Social Business 2018 ended in Wolfsburg, Germany however many discussion and sharing took place during the summit still linger’s in my thoughts very strongly. The theme of GSBS 2018 was “Building A New Civilization” and it was picked at a very timely manner where artificial intelligence, digital economy, wealth, and data science are becoming the future trend of the world.

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As I sat through the sessions, listening to experts from various fields sharing about the planet, artificial intelligence, recycling, solar power and energy, I could not stop myself from being emotional to think of the future I personally am going to create for the future generation.

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Every good is accompanied by bad, how can we only implement the good and discard the bad? Professor Anita Nowak, Social Economy Initiative at McGill University, presented on “The Possibilities (and Perils) of Building a New Civilization” as we enter the Industry 4.0, it was an eye-opener of what digital and AI is all about. Industry 4.0 does bring about a lot of positivity in the lives of people such as simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness, speed, less cost etc. But it also brings many social problems such as loss of income, depression, mental health problems, substance abuse, violence, sexual disorders and more.

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Think about it for a minute, how often children today play the traditional games we use to play in the ’90s? How often you see during lunch or dinner a family or a group of friends who are not busy with their phones? How often do you send a postcard or letter to a friend? What has changed? Who changed it?

You and I have the power to create the New Civilisation by changing the way we do things with our kids, nieces and nephews, grandchildren. You and I and have the choice of bringing back the good old family values and tradition while embracing the importance of Industry 4.0.

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In this fast-paced world, what has changed is the values we have, believe and trust in each other, faith in mankind and man trying to be God by creating Artificial Intelligence. We will not prosper fighting nature. Day by day we are losing our rights to this mother earth. Instilling the right foundation in the lives of our young ones will go a long way.

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Let’s make a conscious unselfish decision in everything we do, to leave a little of what we enjoyed in the past with the force of nature for our future generation by creating A New Civilisation With A Heart.


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