People Port and Joggo

(Michelle Lee)

Today I see the people before me, people that have a heart filled with love for the community and the world as they shared about their “Whys” of the social businesses. The level of wanting to make a difference in the respective community that they choose to support are truly admirable.


At People Port, Aki San shares how he started the business and how has he been to advocate for peace, brought him to where he is today establishing People Port with the vision to bring people of different backgrounds together through recycling e-waste and empowering the locals through kindness to open up the minds and heart towards receiving refugees in their workplace. He wishes to expand People Port to different subsidiaries which impact the respective levels of communities which has eventually brought him to set up his office at a small neighbourhood off Tokyo Central. The simple yet often overlooked thoughts that he took has shown to us to always think beyond what we see and be bold in making the right decision for the organization. You may find the details in their website People Port


Next, we embark to the last company visit; Joggo. The company customises leather wallets and provides training to the disability community mainly with mental health to issues to integrate them into their workplace. We gained insights on the working habits, behaviours, and management of the business as she walked us through the production of the products. Jooga is a company that provides not only an opportunity but programs that caters to the needs of the disabled person specifically. We had fun learning and tried making a leather wallet with their guidance. You may find the details in their website Joggo


As today we were very much travelling from one station to the next, I was glad that we meet many kinds and genuine people that seeks to improve the lives of others. It gave us hopes and believes that this journey may be tough but we could be tougher.

Looking forward to the Asia Pacific Social Business Conference tomorrow!


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