Our Young Padawans made us proud once again!

Depression, ex-convicts, permaculture, coding, learning disability, squirrels the cute but such little pests…

Those were some of the issues discussed at the annual myHarapan Social Project Challenge 2018 bootcamp held last 2-week ago at our rebel alliance partner venue, DHL IT Services in Cyberjaya. A rebel for the past 4 years with us, it was nice to see new faces mentoring the students together with us and the new recruit of mentors from Ekuinas Iltizam. It wasn’t just the number but the quality of the mentoring was exceptional.


There were some teams that was almost at the brink of losing it but it was clear that the mentors’ help and guidance indeed made a difference when they were (shocked to be) chosen as one of the top 5 teams to go out and play. Really, go out and learn. (And do it with joy!). There’s no better way than learning through implementation.


Through going on the ground to feeling and doing it. Be it a success or a failure in the end, it doesn’t matter. They are, one step ahead from most of us at this juncture.


This year we saw not only great ideas but how passionate these younger generations can be. Some wasn’t just an idea, some have actually done the project on their own. And joining the competition, pitching it only means, HOPE to them. A hope that they would be able to continue. A hope that they would be able to do even more with the funding given and potential partners they have established. It is our job, our role to support and ensure that we keep encouraging the younger ones to have empathy to help.


To have the determination to do something outside of the box, to have enough passion to be unconventional in job choices, to have faith that they TOO can do and make a difference.


They are now in the market validation phase where each teams were given RM500 to implement their ideas. Within 3 months they will be validating their ideas on the ground with the targeted beneficiaries to see if the product or services they offer has an impact to the community. Mentors are assigned for each teams and are able to seek advice as and when needed. We wish the 5 selected schools;- Fairview International School, Penang, Sri KDU International School, Kota Damansara, SMK Tamparuli, Sabah, Kolej Yayasan Saad, Melaka and Asia Pacific Smart School, Subang all the best! And we will see you again in July for the finals!


Win or lose, please do know you guys are already a winner!



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