We do it with joy! :)

It’s very unlikely that “fun” is considered an element in a business’ success. Being a businessperson is often associated with staring at the face of adversity that eventually leads to triumph through grit, determination, and perseverance. If business was a person, he’d be the quiet gentleman in the boardroom with pearls of wisdom to offer.

However, with the new emerging batch of millennials who spent majority of their childhood being exposed through social media the various survival methods of impoverished children in different parts of the world; a deadbeat career climbing the rigid corporate ladder no longer looks ideal. In fact, more and more millennials are exchanging their crisp white shirts and profit maximization goals for a more selfless life compressed into a backpack; trotting developing countries to help build a nation. But is mere volunteering enough or does it serve as a buffer while waiting for people of the upper hierarchy to start giving back to the community?


Professor Yunus, renowned for pioneering microcredit (the act of lending a small amount of money with low interest for new businesses) recognized the existing flaw in our modern day system during his acceptance speech after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at Give2Asia 2015. “There is selfishness in human beings; this is part of human beings. At the same time, there is selflessness in human beings. But economic theory does not recognise selflessness. They only commemorate selfishness…that’s where we went wrong, that’s where we created so many problems”.


The paradoxical business setting based on selflessness is what we call social business; non – dividend companies that intend to solve human problems.

It is with this selfless notion that we organised the Pesta Gegar Johor to act as a platform for knowledge transfer, education and community development through activities like skills development training, a showcase of existing social businesses (Discover Muaythai, THINKReel and Duta Jauhar) to provide a source of inspiration to the communities.


Taking our cue from Professor Yunus’s Seven Principles of Social Business; “do it with joy”; we made sure to incorporate fun with activities such as;

  • sukan rakyat
  • tropical fruit buffet
  • free market
  • a colouring contest for kids
  • performances by local celebrities (Wahid Scenario, Imelda Harris, and Imran Ajmain)IMG_1357

In the end, it is our aim to empower the community by sharing the relevant tools needed for a more positive and sustainable change which includes improving one’s livelihood and caring for the environment and surroundings.

Achievement unlocked indeed! 😊



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