“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama

Everyone is the main character in their own story and it is our responsibility to create our own principles and values in life. By being our own author, how can we do our best in empowering others especially the people that matter to us? How do we tell a little girl that it is fine not to like pink, how do we inspire single mothers to believe that they are not an exception to succeed and how do we form gender equality in the workplace?


Puan Sally has come a long way and her journey would inspire women in so many ways. It was not just about standing tall for herself, she eventually helped in empowering other women too especially single mothers. Her struggle in terms of financial and in raising her kids as a single mother was not an easy task at first, but she knew that giving up was not in her dictionary and it was her deep desire to make her life better. Puan Sally is the founder of SURI, a Social Enterprise that empowers low-income single mothers in Sg.Udang Klang who struggles with financial challenges yet aspires to improve their household income to reach greater than RM1,500.00 a month.


“Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.” —G.D. Anderson

There are so many inspiring stories out there about women fighting their battles. They leave a remarkable history to lead and inspire the women of today. Obviously, we are not asking for special treatments but we just want to be treated as equally as men. Eliminate female stereotypes such as the preconceived notion that women are bad at driving or sports.


Have you heard about this young lady named Heidy Quah? Oh well, she is a 23-year old girl that received a Young Leaders Award from Queen Elizabeth II last year. What she has done and accomplished would change the mindset of every generation. She seeks to raise awareness regarding the status of refugees in Malaysia as well as provide education for refugee children. At that very young age, her determination and genuine kindness have helped many refugee kids receive the education that they deserved.


This is why we celebrate International Women’s Day up until today. It is a celebration that marks a call for action to accelerate gender parity. Numbers of campaigns have been done throughout the years to support, to fight, to celebrate, to gather, and to appreciate women in every single role they play in each part of the world.

Today, those efforts are paying off. Women empowerment is not just a strong term but also an impactful act for both women and society in the progress of women’s equality and emancipation. Women should be proud of how great they have done so far. Women are no longer embarrassed to get involved in male-dominated industries, women fight for their right intelligently, women are more welcomed on board, little girls are starting to understand about their rights, we respect and appreciate women no matter what position they hold in a company, even the cleaning lady deserves to be treated well.



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