Happy New Year to everyone!

Well, well, well….. it is the 3rd day to the blank pages of a 365-page book and for many of you, it’s probably now filled with resolutions, plans, goals, anniversary dates, wishes, to do lists and many more. I can’t say we are not the same. Really, the dates ARE filling up pretty quickly. But all in goodwill and for good reasons.

Perhaps, for all the work that was done, the trust that was given to us, (mind you it’s was not all fun like what you see in the picture above), despite challenges and failures, it is a brand new year filled with more work and opportunities from our stakeholders. It is a new year of hope. A hope for many things.

Hope for better partnerships and collaborations, hope for more peer to peer youth aspirations, hope for more positive impact, scalability and sustainability. Hope gives a ‘positive mind’ power protecting you from the negatives. When you fall, feeling defeated and despair, HOPE is what brings you back alive. Hope will always be the essence of life.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.23.04 AM

There is, always hope.

Here’s to another year and another round of whole new changes and challenges. But as long as we do it with joy, together without losing focus (eye on the prize guys!), the possibility of achieving good results or positive outcome is in our hands. For you, me and everyone.

We will be writing more every Wednesday! Many different topics, but suggestions are welcome! Thanks for dropping by our blog and a happy new 2018 to you.

Much love, TF


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