No goodbyes, just see you again!


What can I say? The main event may be over but work starts from hereon. The second-day GSBS talks about food revolution and sports, it’s importance and the creation of social inclusion. Be it food security in terms of the process in the value chain, quality and its sufficiency in the next 10 years to come and sports for human development and social legacy to cities and society.

We all know that sports and food bring people together. We have seen it first hand how countries may collide but with the spirit of sports, it brings us closer, even for a moment, it shows and makes us know and believe that we do have hope. There is still hope and so we can create a new wave of hope through sports. The conversations by the panelists kept on bringing my thoughts back to our local Malaysian born Discover Muaythai also lovingly known as DMT. They are like the staple in each and every conversation I have with partners, new and old. They have proven not once but twice, how sports can be a catalyst to change and human development.


When you have the passion for the sports, love, and empathy for the underserved youth to giving them a better outlook in life and great business ethics, you are able to see the change, the positive change. It was a 100% success rate with their two batches of youth. True to what Joël Bouzou, French athlete and World champion of modern pentathlon’s speech on sports being more than just a medal to win. But why they are successful? It is because the DMT founding members know and understand the importance of being sustainable. In order to create a sustainable change, you first need to be sustainable and that is through business, through making money. They went in and started this social business with the passion for the Youth and sports but with a mindset of a business, not a philanthropic mindset. This understanding was something that was constantly being brought up, mentioned and stressed upon throughout the panel sessions. With that mindset, you are able to create and present options and opportunities for your beneficiaries.


Olympics 2024 will be in Paris and it is a goal that was discussed and agreed upon to make Olympics 2024 as the most inclusive game in history! DMT will start their third batch soon and I can’t wait to see where they are at in the next few years seeing such awesome progress already and I hope and pray that they will be able to share their story OR even better, be part of the most inclusive games ever in 2024. Then I have an excuse to (definitely) come again to this beautiful city of Paris with my pom-poms cheering them on! ‘Bonne Chance!’

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