“Jauhar Ambassador”

Today is my first day attending the Global Social Business Summit. I’m glad to see all different kind of people around the world come here and sharing their idea of social business together.

One of the inspiring session for me is The New Stars of Hope introduced by Prof Yunus. Its really inspiring me when he shares the real social business and the way to get involved in this social business. This session really giving me some idea to do more social business projects to reduce social problems around the world.


Besides the moments that I could remember when people in different countries come to our booth (Jauhar ambassador). I could represent a few projects to them and sometimes they are inspired and try to do the same things in their countries.

My project is The Abstract of Johor which is focusing on disabled people in Kota Tinggi, Johor. We teach them how to make art to cure their learning problem and generate their income.


We have shared a few pieces of information together. I met Antonia, as president of, she is really interested in my projects and asks to email her the details about abstract of Johor. She is a president of the social business organizations and also comes here to get a lot of information about the social business.


I also met dr Faiz, one of Yunus Center AIT. I’m surprised to know that he’s decided to come to my university, the National University of Malaysia to discuss social business and is planning to make this social business as the one of course in my university. I’m glad to know then because the university will be one of the best platforms for students improve their skills in this projects.


I believe it’s not easy for me to get involved in this such programmes and me grateful for this chance given to me.


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