Highlights are usually one but I have two!

Where do I begin? The setting created a great ambiance feel that you forget that you were in a tent for a moment. It was surreal to be at the GSBS surrounded by like-minded enthusiastic people, especially being there as a participant. Had the honor to work with GCL 4yrs ago when we hosted the first GSBS outside of Europe and could see first hand not only how they think but work creatively too. Today I got to enjoy being in the creative environment they created. I got to be part of it and meet interesting people at my table and while manning the booth during break times.

They had lined up pretty good speakers, fitting to the theme this year itself. Nothing less than ensuring social inclusion and how that creates the new wave of hope. An inclusive economy enough for all.

Highlights are usually one but I have two! One is the fact that it is all about inclusion and they mean what they say. To prove that it is possible, food served today was cooked my refugees, migrants from Iran, Syria, and India. It was a totally different palate to what we know since we have had food from Picha Project, a Malaysian SB doing the same but it was delicious and many were raving about it. The way it was plated and served was impeccable too. I definitely looked forward to what they will serve for dinner and Turkish was then served and just as beautiful.

20171106_134050 (1)

The other highlight has to be witnessing my “boss lady” attempt spoken words on Social Business updates and developments in Malaysia since hosting GSBS in 2013 on a global rotating platform…. yes…… like literally, it rotates. Definitely nice to catch up with familiar faces, old friends and making new ones. Look forward to tomorrow!



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