#myHarapanJedis are at Global Social Business Young Pioneer Meeting 2017!

Global Social Business Young Pioneer Meeting 2017 was held in Paris this year for 2 days. Its main objective was for youth around the world who already has our own social business idea (ideation phase or start-up phase) to leverage on this space to fine-tune our business. There were around 25 people joining young pioneer meeting from Australia, Mexico, and Pakistan with the biggest delegate representation from Japan and Malaysia.


The delegation from Malaysia includes winning team in myHarapan social business challenge 2017 (Active 60) represented by Kenny and Jane with the idea to enable older people in Malaysia who experience isolation and neglection to feel valuable through meaningful participation in the community. There were also winners from Program Duta Jauhar 2017 and representation from Yayasan AOS who are advocating social business in Malaysia through their active participation in the meeting.

Within 7 hours of workshops facilitated by a speaker from Make Sense, there were spaces hosted for participants including Lean Start-Up and Social Business Model. Through Lean Start-Up exposure, we realized that there were so many assumptions that we have in the past months while implementing our business idea that we have overlooked. It was a very important space for us to revisit our hypothesis so we could define clearly what was fact and what was an assumption. With that, we derive a minimum viable product (MVP) that are able to test the assumption that we have using the building measure learn the model.


Having that ready, we revisited our social business model with guiding questions by the facilitator from SenseCube to give us more perspective on the way we look at our social business model. Then, we have all the young pioneer having 2 minutes per team for our pitching session to the global audience. As nervous as it could be, it was a very good opportunity to represent our country on a social cause that we are fighting for.


It was an intensive day filled with important content for delegates to learn based on practical experience designed. Although we were all very tired at the end of the day, we knew that all these inputs are going to help us improve our social business in a more meaningful way. With deep appreciation for the experience given by myHarapan and organizer of Young Pioneers’ Meeting, we are all looking forward to Day 2 to spark more conversation regarding youth participation in social business.



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