Day 2 | Mae Kam Pong Village

Here our journey for the second-day continues. After breakfast, we went to one of the villager’s house and participated in a handicraft workshop to make ‘Tea Leaf Pillow’ using ‘Meeang’ (fermented tea leaves) which also serves as a local snack of the northern Thais.


We created our own memorable souvenir by stuffing dry tea leaves into a small pillowcase and beautify it with some decorative finishing.


After our pillow workshop, we went back to our homestay and had some traditional massage by the Village’s Women Group of Mae Kam Pong Village.They were super good!


Then, we packed our bags and headed to Pong Huay Lan Village. Next kampung to explore! Enjoy some photos of the view, meet our experience & strong professional masseur ‘kampung style’ and last but not least, meet our lovely and nice host / keluarga angkat! Sawadee Ka / Kap!


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