Welcome to Mae Kam Pong Village


About 50KM at the northeast of Chiang Mai, quite hidden away in the emerald jungles above Rte 1317 from the sea level.

Locally famous as a center of “meeang” (pickled tea leaves) production, it has also has become an offbeat retreat for the travelers to escape from the commercialization of Chiang Mai. Mae Kam Pong Village is a good platform to discover the village way of life through their Ecotourism activities such as cozy home-stays with super friendly hosts, coffee and tea plantation visits, waterfall and hot spring visits, bird’s eye view cafe and much more.

chiang mai 1

Such an eye opener to know that the villagers have grown so far in developing their village and their people in order to improve their living standard and to live their life sustainably. It’s an honored to be able to do some knowledge-sharing with the Ketua Kampung and I am so impressed on how they really really look on the development of their villagers and their village instead of just maximizing profit for their personal consumption.


They worked really hard for the past 17 years to get them where they are today. They keep their intention right and keep the fire burning even though there’s NO support from their local government until about 6 years ago the government finally acknowledged and started to support them by enforcing a new regulation to support CBT.


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