Intrapreneurship: Change From Inside Out

As a youth-centric organisation championing social business, we at myHarapan understand that not all youths jump on the entrepreneurship route. For those who seek employment, we also know that young people are increasingly shying away from traditional workplaces, and are looking for meaning beyond profit making.

Social intrapreneurship could be the answer to igniting the talents of young executives, contributing to the good of the company and the larger society as a whole.

What is it though?

An intrapreneur is an employee within the company who uses entrepreneurial skills to manage a project or initiative, or to create new business opportunities – the way an entrepreneur would! Social intrapreneurship looks at initiatives that create social and/or environmental good, while moving the company’s mission forward.

“Social intrapreneurs are quickly becoming the most valuable employees at many companies because they are good for the bottom line, good for the brand, and good for staff morale.” – Forbes

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A pilot of the myHarapan Creative Sustainable Intrapreneur (myCSI) Bootcamp will be held this weekend, for employees at DHL IT Services in Cyberjaya.

Through coaching from subject matter experts, participants will be exposed to:

  • Problem solving through value proposition design and design thinking
  • Principles of social business
  • Business canvas modeling
  • Lean start up and execution (hypothesis-driven execution framework)
  • Making ideas stick by delivering effective presentations

Participants will also work in groups to solve a social and/or environmental problem, or help an NGO develop initiatives for financial sustainability (income generation). This weekend’s Bootcamp will feature EcoKnights as the beneficiary, an NGO that is also supported by DHL IT Services.

“We have 20 participants who have registered for this bootcamp. Majority are millennials, so it’s very encouraging that the younger ones are seeing this as an opportunity to grow and develop themselves within the organisation,” said Giorgio Catucci, Principal Consultant at DHL IT Services in Cyberjaya.

Giorgio Catucci | Principal Consultant, DHL IT Services

“It is a CSR activity, but at the same time, employees are also going to acquire valuable soft skills that will make them better team players and leaders, and complement their intrapreneurial efforts within the organisation,” added Catucci, who is also the Site Corporate Citizenship Ambassador at his office.

At the end of the two-day bootcamp, employees will also get the opportunity to present their solution to a panel, and potentially have their ideas be adopted and implemented as a DHL IT Services Living Responsibility initiative.

“Social intrapreneurs are right now sitting within existing organizations at the intersection of innovation, social good, and entrepreneurship. They can be found at all levels of the organization and from any generation..” – Forbes

“We believe that social innovation is present all around us and it would be a mistake for us to think that it is only present in youth entrepreneurs and social workers. Corporate employees are some of the best and brightest, and we want to help the private sector use myCSI as a tool to spur social innovation within their respective organisations,” said Syarina Hisham who leads the Business Development Unit at myHarapan.

“In return, you get intrapreneurial initiatives which are custom-built by your employees, they will love their jobs and you get to keep them. Win-win!” she added.

Reach out to us if you would like to use the social intrapreneurship builder as a tool to enhance corporate innovation and employee engagement efforts at your organisation.


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