You’ve been YAG-ed!


The first quarterly demo day of 2017 was recently held in April, organised by Social Enterprise Ventures, the funding arm of myHarapan.

For the entire first quarter of 2017, we received a total of 30 applications for the myHarapan-Toyota Youth Action Grants, and from that pool, nine social businesses/enterprises were invited to pitch their businesses for grant funding.

Here are the grantees from the first cycle of 2017:

Source: Foodbike (Facebook)

Foodbike is a mobile food chain powered by electric bicycles, specially designed for people with disabilities. Foodbike aims to impact the economic growth of these underprivileged individuals who face barriers in breaking out of the poverty cycle due to obstacles preventing them from gainful participation in the workforce.

“As one of the vendors for the upcoming SEA Games 2017 in KL, the grant will help us in prototyping and launching the new motorcycle and help with the marketing leading up to the Games,” said Izat Izwan Idzian, CEO of Foodbike.

1L CarWash
Source: 1L Car Wash (Facebook)

1L Car Wash was set up to provide a solution for busy urbanites to have their cars cleaned without having to drive to a car wash. With a mission to save water and change lives, 1L Car Wash is a social enterprise offering car washes using only 1 litre of water per car, and without compromising on cleanliness and quality of cleaning products used. Many of their hired detailers are trained underserved youth from MySkills Foundation, offering them an opportunity to enrich their lives via employment, and the development of soft and entrepreneurial skills.

“Did you know Malaysians use about three times more water than the United Nations recommended limits? We aim to reduce Malaysia’s water consumption, one car wash at a time,” said Darshillan Ramachandran, Founder of 1L Car Wash.

Source: Foodabox (Facebook)

Foodabox is a social enterprise that incentivises food operators and restaurants with affordable eco-friendly food boxes via food box advertising. By selling advertising spaces on food boxes and using the revenue to defray costs, they are able to help food operators in Malaysia replace harmful polystyrene food boxes with an environmentally friendly alternative.

“We are introducing a new product – the 8Box, targeting consumers directly. The grant will allow us to refine the prototype and help us launch the marketing campaign to encourage more responsible takeaway habits amongst Malaysians,” said Dick Lim, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Foodabox.

Axternal Studio is an art media and creative design studio which offers clients a complete suite of media-marketing solutions tailored to their business needs. Under their THINKreel programme, participants are given training to use software and other tools to begin earning additional income as a freelancer. Axternal Studio aims to provide Malaysian youths earning less than RM1000, job opportunities to supplement their low-income wages.

“The motivation behind this is the idea that you can start making a difference in society, and the tool to help you achieve that is the very thing you are passionate about. In this case, filmmaking,” said Syed Hanif Syed Sofi, Producer/Director at Axternal Studio.

myH-Toyota YAG1

This 2017, we are pleased to be working with UMW Toyota Motors to bring you the myHarapan-Toyota Youth Action Grants, which are still open for application.

Are you a Malaysian social entrepreneur looking for funding? Hurry and pitch your business proposition to us in three simple steps!


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