Young Padawans For Social Good

Earlier this year, a highly anticipated call was put out across the nation: myHarapan is seeking young padawans with scaleable and sustainable social initiatives to compete in the annual myHarapan Social Project Challenge.

After weeks of deliberation, we announced the 10 teams (schools) in April 2017, and the teams then made preparations to participate in a 3-day 2-night bootcamp which was held recently in May, in Cyberjaya. This year, we are also supported by our awesome friends at DHL IT Services, who will also be working alongside the students as mentors.

SPC phase 2-1

In addition to fine tuning their problem statements during the bootcamp, teams learned valuable project management skills and presentation techniques. At the end of the bootcamp, a pitch was held to select the top 5 finalists who will be proceeding to Phase 3 (market validation & implementation). Check out photos from the bootcamp here!

From hereon, teams will be validating their solution with their respective beneficiaries, including implementation or the development and testing of a prototype. The five finalists have been paired up with their mentors. Each team will be mentored by a myHarapan and DHL team member, and this challenge will culminate in a final pitch to determine the winners of 2017.

Here’s a quick introduction to the top 5 finalists of the myHarapan Social Project Challenge 2017:


SMJK Yoke Kuan in Selangor hopes to be able to ease the burdens of students; tackling problems of stress and boredom caused by structured classrooms and tuition classes, making learning and self-studying fun and motivating. This initiative will see a cyber cafe-style library area to be created at school, which will be a conducive space and be equipped with learning resources and technologies to encourage self-learning, peer-learning and hands-on learning.

Kolej Vokasional (Pertanian) Teluk Intan in Perak aims to reduce the use of chemical products in agriculture (which end up polluting the environment) by introducing innovations in organic agriculture to farmers around their community. The initiative will encompass technology transfer and capacity development for the farmers.

SMK Tamparuli in Sabah is seeking to tackle the frequent issue of water disruption in rural areas caused by massive clogging in pipes. In these areas, water is channeled to villages from the mountains or nearby rivers via pipes. These pipes are often clogged after rain, and water will be cut off from the villages, and it can take up to weeks to be rectified and for water to be restored. By means of a filter device which works to filter varying sizes of impurities, it will reduce the clogging and families will not be denied basic access to water for day-to-day living.

SM (Sains) Kuching Utara in Sarawak recognises the problem of poor results for UPSR in the subjects of English and Mathematics amongst students from the Bidayuh ethnic communities in the remote areas neighbouring Puncak Borneo. Via an education initiative, English and Mathematics will be taught to primary six students who will be undertaking their UPSR exams, using interactive mediums and teaching aids such as videos, games and comics.

SMK Seri Ampangan in Negeri Sembilan aims to help their fellow students from underprivileged families by introducing them to, and developing their entrepreneurial skills via the Young Entrepreneurs Club. Specifically targeting students from families earning below RM 1,500 or those from single-parent families, students will be learning business skills. The Club will then operate a kiosk and students of the Club will be able to use it as a platform to sell food items or products made by the family or students themselves.


Stay tuned for updates from the 5 teams as we work towards the Final Pitch which will be happening this 26 August.




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