SocBiz Challenge 2017: Your Top 15!

After a nationwide call for social business ideas, the myHarapan Social Business Challenge 2017 received close to 100 submissions- all seeking to tackle poverty through employment creation.

Organised by myHarapan for the third time running, supported by Yunus Centre, 2017’s Challenge is held in partnership with Institut Darul Ridzuan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Universiti Sains Malaysia.


After an intense process of preliminary judging, we’re excited for you to meet the shortlisted teams who’ve made it to the next round. Last week, the shortlisted teams from all over Malaysia attended the Social Business Bootcamp, which was held at the Universiti Teknologi Petronas campus in Perak from 15-17 May.

In no particular order, the top 15 teams are…

Nazkids is a social business idea which focuses on youth unemployment. Specifically targeting 18-30-year-olds in Jitra, Kedah, youths will learn how to sew and be able to produce baby clothes from their homes. Nazkids will be an online platform selling baby’s apparel.

Tackling poverty amongst rural communities and youths in Semporna, Sabah, Project Homestay Tinagayan is a social business idea to engage the community in a sustainable tourism initiative.

Sugarstreet aims to provide wheelchair-bound individuals with baking skills to facilitate employment and for them to be financially independent.

RLE Cleanicon aims to be a cleaning services provider, which employs youths who are school dropouts, providing them with skills and fair market wages.

Scrummy Fried Chicken aims to tackle the problem of unemployment amongst disabled youths from 18-30 years old, from the Sunflower Centre in Miri, Sarawak. The beneficiaries will be provided with F&B training and subsequently, employment at the outlet.


DentMobile is a group of students from the dental faculty of UKM who would like to tackle the issue of poor oral hygiene among the people in the rural areas.  They will be providing free basic dental treatment, healthcare consultation, oral healthcare education and free dental kits for the people in the rural areas. They will train new assistants to be part of their mobile clinic.

De’Atoq Project hopes to tackle environmental pollution caused by the many textile factories in Banting, Selangor, who dispose of textile waste by means of open burning. Textile waste will be recycled and upcycled into bags, handmade by unemployed refugee youths from the Rohingya community at the Human Aid Centre in Selayang, Selangor.

Rumah Kita aims to empower school dropouts and unemployed youths from the B40 population in Perak to gain sustainable and gainful employment within the agricultural sector. They will train the youths to grow corns and banana tree then guide them on how to sell it in the market.

Bittbudd is a transformable shelter for no immediate relief for natural disasters survivors. The solution they would like to provide is the invention of a lightweight, frameless, no manual and portable transformable tent. The team will create job opportunities through training the underprivileged youths to produce the tents.

To operate out of the Klang Valley, Active 60 aims to provide a socially and economically inclusive environment for senior citizens above the age of 60 by creating a platform to bridge employment and social opportunities for retired individuals.


HOPE Village aims to be a sustainable tourism-based social business by building the capacity of unemployed youths in Semporna, Sabah, in the hospitality and hotel management industry. The youths will then be placed for employment at the HOPE Village.

The livelihood of fishermen in Kuala Terengganu are negatively impacted during the monsoon months on the East Coast. Anshara is a social business initiative to supplement income of fishermen during these months, by training and recruiting them and spouses to produce fashion pieces from batik, which is also an artisan product from the state.

Targeting unemployed youths and university graduates, Bright Sparks provides training in multimedia and video editing and production, for youths to either start their own business or seek employment with this newfound skill.

Due to the increase of unemployment among Malaysian youth.TransPloyer aims to provide a full training and employment matching solution utilising Web and application systems.The aim is to provide training to the underprivileged youths on with specific skill training such as culinary arts, hospitality and tourism and give them the job opportunity.

Asian & Western Food Business wants to create job opportunity for the unemployed graduate underprivileged youths. They will undergo 6 months training in culinary arts. After the 6 months training, as a platform, they will be given Business Startup Fund to run a Micro-franchising business along with monthly mentoring to guide them. They may become the job creators to provide job opportunities to other beneficiaries.


The next few months are crucial as teams work with their mentors from public and private sectors in validating their solution, and to prepare for the final business pitch. Good luck to all teams!

Stay tuned for updates as we continue sharing their journey as they work towards the finale of the myHarapan Social Business Challenge 2017, and in kickstarting their social business.


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