The SocBiz Challenge Will Change Your Game as a Social Entrepreneur

The myHarapan Social Business Challenge 2017 is back in its third edition, and as we inch closer to the last day of submission (5 May, by the way – so there’s still two more days left! Sempat lagi!), we have been very eager to go through the awesome social business ideas that have been coming through.

Here are our top 3 reasons why the myHarapan Social Business Challenge will change (and up!) your game as a serious social entrepreneur.

Reason #1: You don’t want to miss our super awesome Social Business Bootcamp!

Crazy Group

Held over 3D2N, the bootcamp puts you together with fellow social entrepreneurs as you start by solidifying your business ideas further using the business model canvas, work with facilitators and mentors to perfect your business model, and define social impact indicators which are measurable. It’s intensive, it’s hands-on, it’s crazy, but hey – it means you are one step closer to kickstarting your social business! The bootcamp for this year’s SBC will be held from 15-17 May at Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Perak.

Reason #2: We’ll help you validate and/or prototype.


Many business competitions end in mere ideation, and very often, great ideas lead nowhere as a result of poor market validation and follow-through. As part of the myHarapan Social Business Challenge, we stress on the importance of doing a thorough market validation and/or building a prototype. And because it is a time and resource-consuming activity, shortlisted teams will even receive RM 1,000 to help with this process. Validating your idea early will allow you leeway should there be a need to pivot or re-look the business model.

Reason #3: You’ll be working alongside awesome mentors.


You’ve heard the saying that it “takes a village” to raise a child. The same applies in entrepreneurship. During your journey as a shortlisted finalist for this Challenge, you will be paired up with mentors; who will not only help you through challenges and obstacles (and often preventing you from making the same mistakes they did!), open up networks and connections, and offer expert insights and invaluable advice to a startup founder. In the previous years, our mentors have comprised of esteemed individuals from the public, corporate, academic and third sectors, including other social entrepreneurs themselves.

If you haven’t yet finalised your submission, you’ve got two days left! For more information and submission, click HERE. And if you’ve already deposited your social business idea with us online, hang in there – we will be announcing the shortlisted teams on 10 May 2017 across all our social media platforms HERE, HERE, HERE.

Good luck!


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