WANTED: Crazy, youthful ideas!

Much has been said about the term ‘youth development’. Scores of literary documentation write to preach it, many organisations work to uphold and ensure it, and policies have been written and re-written to enable and facilitate it.

But what does it mean? What does youth development mean for young Malaysians? What does it mean TO young Malaysians? What roles do we all have to play to make this happen?

For us at myHarapan, we’d like to see every Malaysian youth making a positive and sustainable impact to society; and this, we feel, is how youths can be developed to be independent, wholesome and contributing citizens.

Okaaay… and?

What this means is that we acknowledge that youths today are seeking meaning beyond the traditional institutions of just school and university, re-defining careers and livelihoods, and many take that bold step in pursuing and acting upon their (crazy) ideas – and we want to be a part of that journey as they discover these possibilities!

So to help get more of these crazy, youthful ideas off the ground, the myHarapan Social Project Challenge and the myHarapan Social Business Challenge is back this 2017 for the third time running!

A3 Final SPC

The myHarapan Social Project Challenge (SPC) is a nationwide competition open to all secondary school students. We are looking for social project ideas in areas of healthcare, environment, community development, agriculture, science and technology, and education. The winning teams will stand to win RM 20,000 worth of prizes in cash and kind, including access to project grants and mentorship by myHarapan and our partners.

Check out photos from previous SPCs here, herehere and here. Pretty awesome, yes?

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Submit the social project idea online.
  2. If you are shortlisted, you will be attending a Bootcamp with your team.
  3. If you survive the Bootcamp, you’ll proceed to validate and implement your project.
  4. Do a final pitch and earn ultimate bragging rights cos you totally rock.

– – –

Now, for the slightly older ones (18 to 35 years old), we challenge you to mean business with the myHarapan Social Business Challenge (SBC). We’re upping the game and offering cash prizes, including access to start-up funds and social venture investments for the winning social business ideas.

You should also check out what went down at previous SBCs here, here, and here.


Here’s how you can get your social business idea off the ground:

  1. Submit the social business idea online.
  2. If you are shortlisted, you will be attending a Bootcamp with your team.
  3. Teams will then go out to validate their business idea.
  4. At the end, teams will be pitching to judges and investors, and stand to win some funds to kickstart the social business.


Now go work on those crazy ideas!




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