You’ve been YAG-ed!

The first quarterly demo day of 2017 was recently held in April, organised by Social Enterprise Ventures, the funding arm of myHarapan. For the entire first quarter of 2017, we received a total of 30 applications for the myHarapan-Toyota Youth Action Grants, and from that pool, nine social businesses/enterprises were invited to pitch their businesses … Continue reading You’ve been YAG-ed!

Young Padawans For Social Good

Earlier this year, a highly anticipated call was put out across the nation: myHarapan is seeking young padawans with scaleable and sustainable social initiatives to compete in the annual myHarapan Social Project Challenge. After weeks of deliberation, we announced the 10 teams (schools) in April 2017, and the teams then made preparations to participate in … Continue reading Young Padawans For Social Good

Updates on Social Business City Ipoh

Since the official announcement at the Pangkor International Dialogue in September last year, much has happened in building Ipoh as the fifth Social Business City of the world. Since then, myHarapan has worked alongside Institut Darul Ridzuan, a public policy think tank for the Perak State Government, in the development of strategies and rolling out of activities in creating a … Continue reading Updates on Social Business City Ipoh

Learning Something This Ramadan

“I told her off because she was standing too close to me. I mean, come on- give me some personal space here!” “Wait so long still not yet our turn. Teruk la the way they work!” “Aiyo, if you don’t know how to park, don’t drive big car!” These were all things that we've heard … Continue reading Learning Something This Ramadan

SocBiz Challenge 2017: Your Top 15!

After a nationwide call for social business ideas, the myHarapan Social Business Challenge 2017 received close to 100 submissions- all seeking to tackle poverty through employment creation. Organised by myHarapan for the third time running, supported by Yunus Centre, 2017's Challenge is held in partnership with Institut Darul Ridzuan, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Petronas and Universiti … Continue reading SocBiz Challenge 2017: Your Top 15!

We Teach, We Learn

Teachers' Day was celebrated all over Facebook Malaysia yesterday. In our line of work at myHarapan, while we may not be 'teachers' in the traditional sense, we are often regarded as the abangs and kakaks (or aunties and uncles!) to our youth beneficiaries. However, the gargantuan effort of developing our youths is a journey that we've … Continue reading We Teach, We Learn

The SocBiz Challenge Will Change Your Game as a Social Entrepreneur

The myHarapan Social Business Challenge 2017 is back in its third edition, and as we inch closer to the last day of submission (5 May, by the way - so there's still two more days left! Sempat lagi!), we have been very eager to go through the awesome social business ideas that have been coming through. Here … Continue reading The SocBiz Challenge Will Change Your Game as a Social Entrepreneur